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    • Recognize that 18650’s are high discharge e-cig batteries and is a lot different than regular household AA or AAA batteries and is not a toy. It is a high-tech device that deserves your respect • Ensure that you are charging at the right amp level. The most common charge level for properly regulated internal battery units is somewhere between .5 amps and 2 amps. • Use reputable brand chargers. Avoid overnight charging, since many accidents can occur when devices are left unsupervised. • Batteries should be removed from their chargers once they are fully charged. • Make sure that any battery wrap is in good condition. If that plastic sheath has holes or damage, STOP USING BATTERY IMMEDIATELY • Always verify that you are inserting batteries properly. Check out the correct orientation specs for any mod batteries, and follow those guidelines to the letter. • Watch your coil resistance limits. Remember, most experts recommend that you never go below .2 ohms, since anything below that level can increase the risk of accidents or other mishaps. • Most common reason of injuries from batteries happens when carrying battery in pocket, purse or bag without a battery plastic case or proper storage. • Do not over charge or over discharge batteries • Coil builders must make sure coils are not touching the top cap of dripper. • Never totally deplete your battery’s charge either. With most batteries, there is a recognizable reduction in capability as they near depletion. When you get those indications that your battery is low on power, replace that power source for another. • No express or implied warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to follow the proper battery usage and safety guidelines. I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with e-cigs and batteries and I assume full responsibility for any injury or damage caused and further release and discharge Sacramento Cash and Carry and its associates for injury, loss or damage arising out of batteries usage.
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